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Song Solstice: SCHEDULE
Saturday | June 18, 2022
Join the PARASOL community for Song Solstice, an intimate day-long festival on the art and spirit of song. Song Solstice will convene a diverse group of creators, hit songwriters, and those who have no experience writing songs or composing music. It promises to be a unique community and mind-body experiential event for anyone interested in exploring authentic expression and the craft of songwriting in a community context.
3 PM
3 PM
Open House
3:30 PM
3:30 PM
Nolo Grace & Martin Wave
3:45 PM
3:45 PM
Song Circle & Conversation
Gogo Thule & Gogo Ekhaya (The Makhosi Foundation)
4:30 PM
4:30 PM
Voice Activation
Kat Martin
5:15 PM
5:15 PM
Body Control Workshop
Just Jet
6 PM
6 PM
Songwriting Workshops
Rob Seals & Neil Ormandy
8 PM
8 PM
9 PM
9 PM
Our Community: Team, Facilitators, Performers
Grace Hong /
Nolo Grace
Co-Founder / CEO
Artist/Producer/Private Equity Advisor
Martin Wave
Co-Founder / Chief Creative Officer
Alex Talan / Coolwater
DJ / Engineer / Producer
Andy Sway
Hypnotherapist / Healer
Anthony Calonico
Artist / Producer / Music Theory & Vocal Coach
Dave Isaac
Josh Moreland
June Schreiner
Actor / Breathwork Facilitator
Kat Martin
Voice Activator
Kike / Papa PLUR
DJ / Producer
Liv Miraldi
Artist / Songwriter
Marcy Bulkeley
Conscious Curator / VP, Universal Music / Breathwork Facilitator
Matthew Paetz
Megan Kinney
Artist / CEO, Bad Owl Records
Artist / Songwriter
Oumi Kapila
Composer / Producer
Peter Oppermann
Founder, Future Self Institute
Phoebe Sampson
Hand Medicine / Meditation Coach
Salima Yacoubi
Entrepreneur / Journalist
Shaman Nabeel Redwood
Healer / Artist / Coach
Sidebrain / Yeuda Ben-Atar
Artist / Producer / Founder, Beat Lab Academy
Tessa Nesis
Actor / Dancer / Musician / Yoga Teacher
Timothy Birnschein
Breathwork, Kundalini, and Meditation Leader
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